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Link will be sent to registered guests via email

Date & Time:
Friday, January 29th, 2021
Virtual Screening goes live at 12:00 PM PT/3:00 PM ET


SCALES is a visually stunning feminist parable set in a dystopian landscape. It follows the story
of a strong-willed young girl, Hayat, whose poor fishing village is governed by a dark tradition:
every family must give one daughter to the mermaid-like sea creatures who inhabit the waters,
to ensure the village can continue their fishing expeditions. When Hayat’s father refuses, the
the girl becomes a pariah, considered a curse by the village and urged to sacrifice herself – but
Hayat has her own ideas about her destiny.


Registered guests will receive a link to the film via email to watch within 24 hours of the virtual event. Please watch the film prior to showtime.

The Virtual Screening will start with the trailer followed by Q&A with Filmmaker Shahad Ameen